Our Services

CCS has been providing our customers with quality onsite network/systems troubleshooting and repair since 1997. We provide superior personalized services built around creating long and trusting relationships. We employ an experienced staff who are reliable, personable and possess good communications skills. We all strive to represent CCS in the most professional manner. While working for your company we consider ourselves part of your team and will always make decisions, recommendations, or repairs that are both technically sound and fiscally responsible.

We provide our customers with a variety of different avenues of support. We may do phone, email or text support for small issues. For more in-depth support issues, we can often make the appropriate repairs by accessing your system with secure online remote services. This method is less costly for you due to the exclusion of travel and the time and costs associated with it. And of course – when required – CCS will always do what we do best, come to your place of business to provide onsite computer repair and networking support to help keep your business running smoothly.

Listed below is short description of some of the services we offer. Please go to our Contact-Us page or call us regarding your needs. We will get in touch with you ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you.

Support Services

Support Services are the foundation of our business. CCS offers superior service that helps small and medium-sized businesses efficiently leverage computer and network technology. We offer “in-house” and “out-of-warranty” repair of your existing hardware. We provide your administrators and operators with support they need to get their jobs done. Through enduring partnerships – built upon trust and reliability – we have expanded our business sphere to include the entire Pacific Northwest leveraging our relationships with over 20 sub-contract partners. We will provide you with the engineering answers and technical support needed to form a strong and lasting partnership.

System Analysis

We work closely with businesses and users to develop systems that accomplish specific business objectives. We will analyze your current infrastructure and/or domain model to discover if it adequately meets your needs. We will never recommend anything that does not make fiscal or technical sense and will always strive to give you the cost-to-production returns that you expect.

System Design

From peer-to-peer networks that only have 2 to 3 users, to multi-site large networks, we create information systems for our clients that are specifically designed to provide their administrators and users an environment that is both productive and cost effective. Only precisely engineered networks can provide optimal performance while preventing costly downtime.

Project Management

We will assume responsibility for planning, scheduling and all developmental activities associated with your project – including ongoing support after completion. Or, we can also team up with your IT resources for a project. CCS has developed many relationships in both IT and communications and will recommend and partner with the best local firms to insure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Network Development

CCS Provides expertise in the implementation and testing of software and hardware (environments) tailored to your business needs. Network environments efficiently provide shared resources amongst users.  We will utilize all existing infrastructure we/you deem sufficient – only adding where required to deploy the new (or better) functionally you desire.  Solid infrastructure (wiring, switches and firewalls) is the backbone for a reliable and efficient network. 

Malware Prevention and Removal

Malicious software that has been designed to damage or disrupt your computer/network is spreading rampantly throughout the internet. Malware includes Virus’s, Worms, Spyware and Trojans – although the line between these infections is getting blurred. We have seen and dealt with many of these infections. If you already are infected, we have the tools and skills needed to disinfect your computer/network before they cause a major problem for you. Better yet, we can deploy a layered level of defense that will help prevent malware from ever entering your network and causing you problems that put your data at risk and waste your valuable time and money.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

It is still a fact that the majority of small businesses do not have comprehensive or complete backup and disaster recovery plans. Given that most of your valued company data is stored on a computer – it is probably about time that you implement a solid backup strategy with clearly outlined procedures and documentation. Over the years, we have deployed numerous backup solutions for our clients. The methods and technology used is constantly evolving and we have implemented most all of them. CCS Secure Cloud backup is now the method of choice for small to medium size business due to its low cost of implementation, secure storage, low maintenance, and centralized management.