What Our client say About Us

Clark Computer Services occupies a unique niche in today’s business climate. They are experts in their field and provide a high level of technical knowledge and effective network support service much like a major computer networking corporation. On the other hand, they are small enough to provide a local, highly personal level of service to their clients. This unique combination makes CCS a perfect fit for our computer networking needs. They can provide us with very individualized customer service while giving us the latest in technical support.

“Clark Computers Services provides our dental practice with excellent technical support and outstanding customer service.”

Bruce E. Cooper


We have come to rely on the prompt attention. Professionalism and follow through defines the CCS personnel we have worked with – always with a degree of fun and personal attention.

Karen S. Dolen

Loan Servicing Manager

We have closely worked with Clark Computer Services since 2004, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of computer networking, systems maintenance and upgrades, software testing, and hardware repair based on our business needs. They have been our first line of defense whenever we have computer or networking problems that need to be resolved.

Karen S. Dolen

Mark Smith of Clark Computer Services has become a most trusted and important “outside professional”. As a small financial institution we couldn’t afford to hire our own IT expert, but that’s what Mark became for us – and the cost was something we could handle. We can rely on him, his knowledge and the Clark Computer team. Thanks for the years of quality services.

Jim Lindstrom


Clark Computer Services consistently provide reliable and knowledgeable tech support along with excellent customer services. We value our relationship with CCS and appreciate their innovation and dedication to finding answers to our IT needs.

Lori G. Drummond


I have used Clark Computer Services for over 20 years now. When I was the Administrator at “Exeter House” in Seattle, we had just had another company install our network and workstations. There were a lot of problems with the install. Shortly afterward, Clark Computer Services was hired and made the fixes and took over the maintenance of our computers and networking. When I moved to my present position as the Administrator at “The Gardens at Juanita Bay”, I hired CCS to do a major install and maintain our network. I have always been extremely happy with the quality work they do. I’ve been impressed with the security they setup to prevent hacking and the redundancy they built in to our system to assure our data can be retrieved in case of a breakdown. I highly recommend Clark Computers Systems.

John Frost – Administrator

The Gardens at Juanita Bay

I have been working with CCS on various projects for 20 years – which in itself should be testimonial enough to the reliability, consistency and confidence that I have with their organization. Primarily CCS has helped me with installing and maintaining company servers. Technical support is obviously the most critical issue to this process, and the staff at CCS has always been their most valuable asset. I always get my business questions answered quickly and with enthusiasm. After hours installs and support have always exceeded my expectations and the results have always been better than my plan. No other company has come close to meeting my requirements over the last 20 years.

John Moore – President

Protime Sports